I have been a client of Rob’s for years.  He is a tremendous massage therapist.  I always leave feeling invigorated and with less pain than when I walked in.  He is excellent at finding and treating the most troublesome aches and pains and he always works to schedule appointments at times that are most convenient to me.  I highly recommend Healing Arts and Rob Warfield. 

-Brian B., Fair Oaks, Ca.

Therapeutic massage is an essential element of my personal health care and well- being. Over 20 years ago I developed severe muscle spasms in my neck and back from my work as a nurse and mother of two active toddlers. The muscle strain had pulled my neck vertebrae out of alignment. I was in severe pain and my upper body mobility was significantly limited. After a year of taking pain medication and muscle relaxants I was still experiencing neck pain and debilitating headaches. Then I noticed the Healing Arts Awareness sign on the Hacienda Building in Old Town Folsom and gave Rob a call. After my first session I was hooked! Rob was able to detect the areas where I held stress and worked those muscles into submission. I experienced pain relief immediately! I have had massages from other therapists, but none have Rob’s intuitive hands – he always finds the muscles that require attention. Over the years I have given the gift of massage by Rob with my friends and family. Now when my sisters visit from Seattle and Munich, a session with Rob is always on their itinerary. We love getting “Robbed”!

-Karen P., Folsom, Ca.

Fifteen years ago I received a gift certificate to Healing Arts Awareness and I've been a loyal client ever since.  I find regular massage is especially helpful to my staying balanced and relaxed, as well as in helping me deal with muscle issues related to multiple sclerosis.  Rob Warfield is an excellent massage therapist - professional, caring, skilled and well-trained. 

-Cheryl R., Folsom, Ca.

For 11 years I have received Rob Warfield’s powerful "Healing Arts Awareness".  Rob’s talent in the healing process of massage has helped me considerably with chronic muscle tension and this is why I continue to be his client. 
-Gary C., Orangevale, Ca.


Over the years, my neck and back have had continuous knots in them from the way I study for medical school and sit for hours at a desk. I have had the priveledge of having massages at several spas and chiropractic companies throughout California, however Rob Warfield has provided the BEST therapeutic massage session every time. The other places just seem like fluff when compared to how Rob integrates so many awesome techniques…I love how he truly makes your muscles feel refreshed and pampered!!!
-Patience P., California

As a bodybuilder I know that my body has to be repairing muscle tissue constantly, and flushing out toxins to stay in prime shape, so about 8 years ago I bought a massage package at Healing Arts Awareness. The deep tissue massages that Rob provides really help me through the intense training schedule and muscle repair. Rob Warfield is truly the most effective massage technician I have come across.

-Sam K., Folsom, Ca.

Three years ago my husband purchased an accupressure massage package with Rob at Healing Arts Awareness, and I noticed he felt terrific and was handling stress better, so I asked him to buy me a therapeutic massage session so I could see for myself. Once I had finished the 1 hour massage session, my body felt fantastic as if all the stress and knots I had were completely gone! I realized that I had been ignoring the way I stored stress and it was affecting even my posture, considering my shoulders were tilted from knots in my neck muscles. After this, not only did I buy a 6 month package, but when I got pregnant later, we bought a Pregnancy massage package to help me relax throughout the trimesters! What a GREAT experience my husband and I have both had with Rob.
-Terry and Brian M., Roseville, Ca.

Last year, I recieved a gift certificate to Healing Arts Awareness for Christmas, and wow- I have purchased a massage every 2 weeks this entire year. I found that the massage sessions have really enhanced my gym workouts, and my muscles are looking stronger and leaner because of the stretching techniques and reflexology Rob applies throughout the massage sessions. Now I am planning to buy some sessions in bulk, this is definitely addictive and helps me remain more balanced in life.

-Sarek H., Citrus Heights, Ca.

My husband and 2 children bought me a special package of the 4- 30 min feet & lower-leg massage sessions for Mother's day 2 years ago since I stand on my feet alot and run around for my job, and Rob really blew away our expectations. I never realized how many knots can form in our feet and calves, and omg, Rob worked magic on my stressed legs and feet. What a difference it has made and I feel much happier after a massage therapy session with Rob.
-Kayla and John J., Granite Bay, Ca.

Four years ago I got pregnant with twins and began to have alot of back pain and pressure in my legs as well, but when I received a gift certificate to Healing Arts Awareness, I enjoyed Rob's intuitive and knowlegeable techniques for the pressure points and muscle massages that were more specific to pregnancy challenges. Our family bought me a massage therapy package that gave me the help I needed to enjoy the pregnancy more. Thank you Rob!

-Jennifer S., Folsom, Ca.

I am usually too self-conscious to consider full-body massage therapy sessions, however when I was given a gift certificate and learned that Rob is a professional, certified, and blind massage therapist I felt comfortable enough to schedule the appointment. I am so glad I went, and I continue to buy atleast 1 massage session per month because Rob is well-trained and very professional-- he really fixed my back and I feel great now!

-Rick H., Carmicheal, Ca.

Two years ago I realized I needed to get my body back in shape, and that included flushing out toxins that were sitting in my body too long…so I started light workouts, and a massage therapy regimen at Healing Arts Awareness. Rob has helped my muscles heal, stimulate the blood circulation more efficiently, and helped my intestines become more balanced. It is phenomenal what his therapy sessions have done for my overall health! I professionally recommend my massage therapist and friend Rob Warfield to help you get your body back to health again!

-Judy T., Roseville, Ca.